A gripiping, fast paced thriller-The review of Pawned Queen by S.K.Thomas

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Book Name  
        Pawned Queen    
                :           S.K.Thomas
Genre                      :          
Thriller/ Novella
Number of Pages    :           73
Publishing Year  
  :            2013
Language                :           English
               :           Kindle/e-book

Rating : 4.5


Queen is one of, if not the most powerful chess piece on the board. But her
strength amounts to little more than a pawn if she is caught by the enemy.

“Jack?” Melissa yelled out in question
after she heard a knock on the door. No answer came. The floor creaked when she
knew someone else was in the house. “Jack?” Her voice shook as terror
crept in asking her to play.

Every stranger has a purpose and the game is
just beginning so take a step in any direction, if you dare.

Melissa leaves her hometown of Tupelo to start
anew in the city of Barrington escaping haunts of her childhood. Little did she
know a run-in with Max, a police officer who doesn’t play by any set of rules,
would change her future. Her best friend, Alice vanishes and Max is the main
suspect leaving Melissa insistent to find the truth. She teams up with her
husband, John and a detective named Jack for an investigation to find out what
has happened to Alice. As the game continues, promises disintegrate into a pile
of deceit and lies. This leaves Melissa to question who she can trust as she
desperately searches for answers because in reality, it’s not a game at all.


Melissa- The Protagonist
John- Melissa’s Husband
Alice – Melissa’s best
Jack- John’s friend- A
private detective
Max- Alice’s husband-
Police officer- Antagonist
Oliver- Journalist


The book takes the
readers to a thrilling journey through the life of Melissa. Melissa’s husband,
asks her to enter the life of Max, when Alice vanishes. Melissa, John and Jack
sets out to unravel the mystery. What awaits her in Max’s house is quite
unexpected. While Melissa tries to imbibe her into Max’s house and searches for
clues about Alice, a cascade of events makes her life upside down. Will she
find Alice? Will Max find out her clandestine intention? How does her life with
John proceed? What role does Jack and Oliver play in her life? Read Pawned
Queen for more answers. 


Pawned queen is a mix of
first person narrative of Melissa and third person narrative. The 
story line proceeds in an unconventional way by switching between the present and past. Author succeeded in maintaining the pace without giving a chance for the reader
to sway their thoughts away from the book. A gripping book with a strong story
The relation of Melissa
with John and Max is portrayed convincingly. When Melissa decides to change
Max, I felt a bit disappointed since I felt the story would be proceeding in a
cliché but the twist surprised me. The characters are crafted well in a
way quite justifiable for a novella. 
The title and cover image is apt to the story.


A negative I could find in the story line is that the reason for sending Melissa to Max is not conveyed with conviction. There were a typos and some grammar mistakes.
One Liner

 A gripping fast paced thriller which leaves the reader praying for Melissa and anxious about what is going to happen.
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About the Author

SK Thomas is that unique, one of a kind person who takes life
experiences to a new level, resides down the street in any town or
neighborhood. She spent many years of her life traveling while in discovery of
all life had to offer. These days, she can be found writing, editing and
marketing while exploring other business ventures. She has published two books
in her Pawned Queen Thrilling Mystery Series while residing in California. Both
novellas were finalists in the 2015 Bookbzz Prize Writing Competition. Currently,
the author is working on the third novella for the series.

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Reviewed for the author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy
from the Author in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a
positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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