For the Mobile Home Investors- A Review of Real Estate Investing Sucks by Rachel Hernandez

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Book Name          :  Real Estate Investing Sucks: How to Deal with Change and Find Success as a Real Estate Investor 

Author                  : Rachel Hernandez     

Publisher               :  Bitter Melon Publishing LLC  
Number of Pages  :  63 Pages
Publishing Date     : June 22, 2015
ASIN                     : B0109660PI  

Rating : 3.75


Want to Run a Successful Real Estate Investing Business?

Are you trying to build and sustain a long-term real estate investing business? Do you want to spend more time with your family and less time in a job?

The key to being a successful real estate investor is not only to make money when the market is high or low, but also learn how to create a sustainable real estate investing business for the long term.

With over a decade of experience in real estate investing, Rachel Hernandez, also known as Mobile Home Gurl, has learned what it takes to run a successful real estate investing business for the long term. Looking back, every time there has been an obstacle in the way, the one consistent theme where she has learned and has been challenged the most has been change.

By being able to adapt and learn from the changes that happen, Rachel has been able to overcome the obstacles she has faced in all facets of her real estate investing business. In this book, she will teach you what she has learned so you too can overcome these changes and run a successful real estate investing business for the long term.

Inside you’ll learn how to handle the types of changes in your real estate investing business including;
Market Changes
Management Changes
Personnel Changes
Marketing Method Changes
Funding Changes
Partnership Changes
Personal Situation Changes Also, you will discover the one wild card that can boost your success if you seize the opportunity:

Luck and the Part It Plays


You’ll get information to additional resources that will help you on your real estate investing journey.

Would you like to know more?

Read the book today and start getting results! 


Real Estate Sucks is a non-fiction book. Rachel is a
successful mobile home investor who paved her way through the tides. Doing
business in real estate is never easy. We will have to face several hassles.
Things are never the same. Members of my team change or funding run out or
partnership with another investor no longer works And last but not least,
personal situation changes. The list goes on and on. Rachel explains how she
managed to sway with the tide and even against the tide in such situations. The
book is divided into nine chapter, a bonus chapter, and a conclusion. The
chapters are all systematically arranged with each chapter addressing each
issue. End of each chapter, she cites the lesson she learned while coping up
with the issues. The book is a crisp and clear, quintessential real estate book
which will help the beginners and the strugglers equally. While explaining the
risks involved each alternatives she adopted, she clearly mentioned which one
is for beginners and which one for the experienced ones. In short the book
addresses every issue a real estate investor faces, while in mobile home
investing business. If you are planning to try your luck in the same, this book
will definitely be an asset. Rachel has also given a reference to her blog
Adventures in Mobile homes where in she shared her stories and experiences of
investing in mobile homes.


The introduction was more like a chapter
outline. This could have avoided since a chapter index was already included
before. Introduction could have made a little bit crisper. The part where she
explains about issues in partnership, equal emphasis could have been given to
successful partnerships. Otherwise, new comers would be weary of trusting
others. In real estate business partnership is a risk but if we get the right
person, we can make more than what we make alone. This part could have been
explained. The book is mainly about mobile home investing business. Hence the
title could have been related to Mobile Home Investing , instead of Real Estate
Sucks because the word real estate brings different pictures in the minds of
different people.

One Liner

This is the best and the first book a person should grab if
he/she is planning to be a mobile home investor

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About the Author

With over a decade of real estate investing experience, Rachel Hernandez spent several years as a landlord before taking the leap to specializing in mobile home investing. Rachel is the creator of Adventures in Mobile Homes (, a blog dedicated to sharing her stories and adventures investing in mobile homes. Rachel Hernandez has one investing strategy: K.I.S.–Keep It Simple.

Reviewed for the author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the Author in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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