A review of SILENCE UNDER THE BLUE SKY by Rajalakshmi Prithviraj

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Title: Silence Under the Blue Sky

Author: Rajalakshmi Prithviraj

Paperback1144 pages

Published June 16th 2015 by Create Space Independent Publishing (first published June 1st 2015)

Set against the backdrop of the Jamnagar Helicopter crash on 30 

August 2012, where two helicopters of the Indian Air Force had a mid-

air collision, this story is a reality fiction, loosely based on the true story of an Air Warrior 

from the Indian Air Force. Narrated through the silent echo of the sorrowful heart of one 

the shattered families, their pain is best expressed as silent streams of tears flowing 

noiselessly  down a pair of eyes that have intensely loved and sadly lost. Sometimes, when 

the heart weeps, there is only language that it understands…..Silence. 


For most of the Indians, Indian security is all about Army and Kashmir. Air force and Navy 

has always been connected with the colors of luxury and paraphernalia. Rajalakshmi tries to 

convey the message that Women in Blue are also humans. They have ups and downs in 

their lives. The story explains how Apporva, Officially called Squadron Leader Srinivasan, 

copes with the loss of her husband Squadron Leader Manoj in a Helicopter crash.  Apoorva 

neither wailed nor fainted but accepted the new silently. 


The support she got from the Air Force family was the highlight of the story.  Apoorva was 

pregnant when she lost her husband. Hence it was necessary for her to be well fed and 

hydrated. But there are those group of people who call themselves relatives, and finds 

happiness in shredding the broken pieces of composure of the bereaved. Apoorva’s 

telepathic communication with her husband, touched the right string, without any overdose 

of romantic outburst.  Rajalakshmi proves that love can be more beautiful if expressed and 

portrayed with subtlety. The introduction of Apoorva’s four and half year old elder daughter 

Ananya will melt the strongest of the glaciers set inside any heart.


The story had some loose ends regarding the literary perfection. The book should have been 

elaborated a little more especially the relation between Apoorva and Manoj and also their 

colleagues for more conviction.

I salute Rajalakshmi for her valor. To battle the inner demons is not easy. While writing the 

book, she would have to relive every moment, which would have been really painful because 

Squadron Leader Manoj is indeed her husband and she is indeed his wife. I deliberately 

used present tense since Manoj still lives inside Rajalakshmi. This book should not be 

analysed by its literary value but to show justice to my job I stated the negatives. This 

really deserves to be a best seller. 

Rating : 4.5

I took .5 because I felt it should have been elaborate. Else, I love this. I 

had tears rolling down my face and was unable to complete it in a single stretch. Thank you 

Rajalakshmi for sharing your story. This is the greatest tribute to your husband. 


About the Author

Rajalakshmi Prithviraj dons the hat of an Air Warrior, Educationist and Psychologist in her 

profession. She is passionate about penning her thoughts and writing true stories from her 

life (with the consent of her characters of course!!). She loves traveling, and thanks to her 

profession, she puts on her travel shoes every two years. If you ask her about her 

hometown, then pat comes her reply, “INDIA”.

Reviewed for the Publisher

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the Author in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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