Tata Sky+ Transfer- End of remote war

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I have been thinking of writing about a best friend lately. What is the criteria of being a best friend? They should be with you in happiness and sorrow, they should make you happy when you are sad, they should boost you when you are happy, they should entertain you when you are bored. In short, they should understand you and provide you with whatever succor you expect from them. Life is moving at such a fast pace that it’s practically impossible for us to find such a friend these days but luckily I got one. MY MOBILE.Hey, don’t laugh. I’m serious. I will tell you why

TV was the soul mate of everyone in my family. There had been a war for remote for years, in my home. I watches my reality shows, music and movie channels, my mother watches her daily sops, my brother watches his cricket matches and my dad watches action movies. All with different interests and different temperament. Poor remote:( It suffered the hell of the times and was replaced innumerably since my brother used to use it as his cricket ball when denied the permission to watch his match. When I became a wife and a mother, my kids sat in front of the TV like couch potatoes and I had to stop watching my sweet soul mate to show example to them. My poor shows, they might have missed me:(

But now, Tata Sky+ Transfer turned the once battle field into a peaceful abode since no one fights for the remote anymore. It works simply. Just buy a Tata Sky+ Transfer box, click the app transfer the program directly from TV to your phone and peacefully watch it on your own best friend.

Aren’t you excitedd with this new technological boom. This is the future. If you don’t want to be obsolete click here http://www.tatasky.com/transfer/. and join the TRANSFERKARS

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