be patient be positive

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The better things come late or later the better would be my moto. If we try to get it early we would end up compromising the quality. What say?

If we get up late, we will get a chance to learn how fast we can get ready, if we reach late to office ( we might lose half day) but we will be able to know how perfectly we can manage or work in less time, if we wait and wait to get married, we will  learn how better the ones we turned down were, (I’m telling about the arranged marriage which is the sole property of our nation), if we are late in getting a job we realize how valuable our parents’ advises were when they told us to study and study till you get a job. In short being late is not so bad a thing.

Better late than never and later the better (well its earlier -i know that but just for the sake of the article , I hope you don’t mind)

Well, take your time ,think  about it, think it over and over agian.
A combination of determination, hard work and patience will do wonders
As my mother always says patience is as nutritious as mutton soup hmmm yummmmyy.

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