Divorce after the itch

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Having a baby is the best feeling in a woman’s life. Even better than having an orgasm. Don’t know why orgasm is considered the bestest feeling, for that matter.
Well, Taking care of the child, feeding it, seeing each and every stage of their growth. Sending them to school

And then??

I spent all these years simply looking after my child and husband??
I spent all these years simply doing house hold chores??
I have to do something.
I have to prove that I still have it in me.
I have to break free of the relation

Why? because its a constraint. The invisible thread of static emotional numbness strangles you.

Why dint you think of doing something before? Why did you make your husband and children so use to you? and then shatter the beautiful family. I suffered for 14 years, 20 years . You left everything in the excitement of your new life and when it started boring you, you want the ‘everything’ back.

Do something always, do get the feeling initially so that you could get to balance both. Do not make your family used to you. They take you for granted because you let it happen till you got bored of it.
‘I was waiting for my kids to grow up’
C’mon you made your kids used to living in a family and deserts their paradise. Had you done the same years before, the kids would have escaped the embarrassment.

Do it soon or never do it. There is nothing called seven year itch. It’s seven year monotony. Don’t wait for it or don’t do it at all

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