Review – Confused bastards by Manav Vigg

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Name         – Confused Bastards

Author                  – Manav Vigg
Publisher              – Srishti Publication 
Number of Pages – 224
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  -Paperback
                    – 195

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Rating : 4.0

My Review

While I started reading the book, the first thought that came to my mind is that it’s old wine in New bottle.  The same old formula of boys having fun- booze, puffs, gals. This kept me wondering if there is no other aim for the teenagers other than these. After a few pages rather chapters,the narration became more focussed.

 The corporate pressure, hire and fire formula, familial pressure, father-son communication gap. The story had everything that new generation faces. Jai, who is working in the telecom sector, witnesses the corporate political games. Akash,  son of an IAS officer tries one business venture after another. Vivek, working in the banking sector, separated from his wife due to his overindulgence with astrologers in an attempt to attain perfection. Three conflicting yet compatible characters. For a change, this time I will start with character portrayal instead of the plot. The three characters and seamlessly crafted. The forth one, Sattu is also well thoughtout and portrayed character. This is one book where characters take the plot forward.

The plot, even though lacks focus in the beginning, proves to be a different tale from the overworked formulas.From the point where the three friends conceive the business idea, the story line becomes very interesting. Initially the title  ‘I have a frustrated ass’ leaves the reader’s wondering what sort of idea is this. Later when the the idea develops and more people pitch in, the name of the title is justified. How the author incorporated different people’s outlook is brilliant.
Towards the climax, like the protagonists, author himself seems confused as to how to end the whole story. 

The book cover is innovative and in sink with the title.

My Verdict: 
An interesting book with a novel idea but lacks consistency.

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